PP Tape Extrusion Lines
This machine is used to stretch 100% virgin grade PP material into high-quality tapes for a wide range of applications, such as woven bags, jumbo bags, etc.

Circular Looms
Circular looms are used to weave flat or tubular PP fabrics made from the tape extrusion lines. Various specification can be set to meet customers’ requirements.

Printing Machines
Printed pictures with any colors and size can be applied within the width and length of the fabric. Roll to roll printing machines can be used to improve accuracy and consistent printing quality.

Bag Conversion Lines
Tubular/flat fabrics are then converted into bags with the required length and stitching.

PE Blown Film Line
This line produces HDPE or LDPE films which then converted into bags. This are usually used for the insides of the PP Woven bags; they can be either stitched with the bag or without.

Extrusion Coating Lines
This machine is used to laminate the tubular/flat PP woven fabric. PP polymer coating can be simultaneously applied on both sides of the tubular fabric, in a single operation. Additional substrates like BOPP film etc. can also be applied.